Sweet List

Fizzy selection

Fizzy cola bottles
Haribo fizzy bubble gum bottles
Haribo Giant fizzy cola bottles
Haribo Sour cherries
Haribo Fizzy rainbow twists
Haribo tangfastics
Haribo Giant sour strawberries
Sour dummies
Super sour worms
Fizzy cola laces
Fizzy strawberry laces
Fizzy apple belts
Fizzy strawberry pencils
Fizzy multi coloured pencils
Peach hearts
Fizzy chips
Sour apple slices
Strawberry tarts

Gummy Selection

Haribo friendship rings
Haribo gummy bears
Haribo giant strawberries
Haribo star mix
Haribo giant cola bottles
Haribo heart throbs
Haribo yellow belly’s
Haribo happy cherries
Haribo terrific Turtles
Haribo fruity Frogs
Fried eggs
Double headed worms
Dracula’s teeth
Red lips
Blue and white dolphins
Wine gums
Midget gems
Milk bottles
Fruit pastilles
Jelly babies
Haribo milkshakes

Sherbet selection

Flying saucers
Barratt dip dab
Double dip orange and cherry
Mega rainbow dust
Rainbow coloured sherbet straws
Refresher strawberry bars
Refresher lemon bars
Chewy selection
Fruit salad chews
Black jack chews
Wham bars
Swizzle mini selection
Strawberry millions
Cola millions
Bubblegum millions
Bubbly bubblegum

Marshmallow selection

Mallow mix
Pink and white chamallows
Ice cream marshmallows
Foam selection
Foam shrimps
Foam bananas
Foam mushrooms
Foam teeth and toothbrush

Popular favorites

Swizzle love hearts
Swizzle parma violets
Liquorice allsorts
Vanilla fudge
Haribo jelly beans
Candy sticks

Hard boiled selection

Pear drops
Rosey apples
Sherbet lemons
Rhubarb and custard
Winter mixture
Chocolate limes
Strawberry bon bon’s
Lemon bon bon’s
Cola cubes
Mint imperials
Mint humbugs
Werther’s original
Ainseed atomic blast

Lolly selection

Chupa chups lolly’s
Traffic light lolly’s
Drumstick lolly’s
Swizzle double lolly’s
Swizzle fruit pops
Vimto lolly’s
Super sour lolly’s

Chocolate selection

White chocolate mice
White chocolate fish and chips
Pink and white mice
Pink and white milkshakes
Pink chocolate skulls
White chocolate disco disk
Pink chocolate hearts
Pink chocolate pigs
Milk chocolate buttons
White chocolate buttons
Milk chocolate peanuts
Milk chocolate raisins
Dairy milk freddo frog
Raspberry ruffles
Chocolate m&m’s
Peanut m&m’s
Crispy m&m’s